What’s New for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting in H2 2022

SAP has announced the latest updates and changes for SuccessFactors for the second half of 2022.

Preview release was on October 28 and production will be released December 9th. You can view the full set of documentation in the What’s New Viewer here. For full details on the release cycle, check out the SAP SuccessFactors official product updates blog.

For tips on how to manage a release, check out our blog here

Update to the Expiration Duration of Reset Password Link

Link expiration duration for the Set Welcome Password and Reset Password link expiration (in days) option is now set to 1 day by default.

The Set Welcome Password and Reset Password link expiration (in days) option is now disabled for editing. This option is available in the Password and Login Policy Settings: Applied to External Candidates and Agencies page.

This update enhances the privacy of Agency user accounts and external candidate accounts.

Improved Special Character Support in Job Searches

Keyword and location searches in career sites enabled by Career Site Builder now recognize special characters and treat them as if they were regular characters, so that search results are the same whether the term you use includes special characters or not.

The following table shows an example of how search functionality now treats “Quebec”:

Term Used in Job PostingSearch QuerySearch Result
QuébecQuebecReturns job postings that list both Québec and Quebec.
QuebecQuébecReturns job postings that list both Québec and Quebec.

The following special characters are recognized for both keyword and location searches, and are treated as if they were unaccented:

  • é – accent acute
  • è – accent grave
  • ë – umlaut
  • ê – circumflex
  • ç – cedilla
  • ñ – tilde
  • ø – streg
  • ð – eth (capital form Ð)
  • å – bolle
  • æ – ligature
  • œ – ligature
  • ē – macron
  • č – háček
  • ŭ – crescent

This enhancement to improve the search experience for the candidate, as well as to provide more flexibility for persons writing job requisitions.

New Recruiting Career Site Details for SSL Certificate Expiration Email Reminders

The SSL certificate expiration email reminders are improved with additional details that help administrators identify the specific Recruiting career site certificate that is set to expire.

The email reminders now include the following details:

  • RCM Company ID
  • Career Site Builder Site ID
  • Site Name
  • Career Site URL

This enhancement to make it easier for administrators to easily identify which career site is associated with the expiring SSL certificate email reminder.

Enhanced Search Functionality for Redesigned Applicant Workbench

The redesigned Recruiting Applicant Workbench now provides an improved user experience for searching, filtering, and displaying applicants who have applied for specific jobs.

You can now filter the applicants using:

  • Background elements configured in your candidate profile template. For example, previous employment, education, and so on.
  • Applicant first name and last name.
  • Fields defined in your application templates and candidate profile.
  • Keyword search in resume and cover letter.
  • Facet counts for picklist items, such as Country, where you can see the number of applicants.

For example, you can easily find the list of applicants:

  • Who currently live in New York and previously worked for the ABC organization.
  • Who have proficiency in speaking and writing in the French language.
  • Whose resume contains keywords, such as Java, Python, User Assistance, and so on.


The Latest Applicant Workbench is available only for customers who have joined the Early Adopter Care (EAC) Program for Recruiting. Find more details at the Customer Community link in the Related Information section: Early Adopter Care for Applicant Workbench Management – Registration is now open!

New Qualtrics Feedback Opportunity for Recruiting Application Status Change

You can use Intelligent Services events to send information to SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting.

Manage Qualtrics Integrations in the Admin Center now includes the Application Status Change option in the Event Name field’s dropdown list for Recruiting.

Here’s a screenshot of the enhanced feature.

A screenshot of the Edit Integration dialog in Manage Qualtrics Integration shows the fields with the values filled out for a Recruiting integration.

This enhancement was delivered so customers would have a way to get feedback from candidates when their application status changed. This, in turn, can help organizations make appropriate corrections or adjustments to the Recruiting process.

Replacement of Google Universal Analytics for Career Sites

Google is replacing Universal Analytics with Google Analytics 4. Career Site Builder administers should update their configuration settings by July 1, 2023, when all standard Universal Analytics properties stop processing new hits.

Key Dates

Future dates are subject to change.

End of DevelopmentDecember 9, 2022The deprecation milestone after which SAP stops enhancing a product or part of a product. You can continue to use the software, but you should begin planning for a time when it will no longer be available for use. We still fix high-priority bugs.
End of MaintenanceDecember 9, 2022The deprecation milestone after which SAP does not fix bugs or deliver patches for the software. SAP continues to answer your how-to questions. We strongly encourage you to adopt an alternative method for your business scenario.
DeletedJuly 1, 2023The deprecation milestone when a feature is no longer available for productive use. You should now be using an alternative method for your business scenario.

Deprecation Details

Career Site Builder has a new Google Analytics 4 ID field, in Settings  Site Configuration  Site Information. After you configure your Google Analytics 4 account, you can enter this account’s identification number in the new field. Doing so ensures that new hits continue to be processed for your career site after Google retires Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023.

If you’ve been using Universal Analytics for your career site, the existing Google Analytics ID field will continue to be available in Career Site Builder during this transition period. To reduce confusion between the old and new fields, we’ve revised the label of the retiring field from Google Analytics ID to Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) ID.

In Conclusion

We have now covered the highlights of the Recruiting related updates for 2H 2022.

Do you need help managing your SuccessFactors Release cycles?  Download our support services brochure or email info@worklogix.com to see how we can help.

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