2H 2022 SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System Updates

New minor & major updates in Admin Opt-in Configuration Type

Country Currency Changed to EURO for Croatia

The local currency in Croatia, HRK (Croatian Kuna) will be changed to the euro on January 1, 2023.

Learning Administrators can use various tools to update data due to currency changeover:

  • Learning connectors
  • Import Data tool
  • Admin UI
    SAP SuccessFactors Learning connectors will enable Learning Administrators to update their data to
    reflect currency changes

Learning objects with currencies that can be updated using the import tool:
• Instructors
Learning Administrators can make the rest of their necessary currency changes through the Admin UI.
Learning objects with currencies that can be updated using the Admin UI, found under Finance:
• Prepaid Accounts
• Coupons
Learning objects with currencies that can be updated using the Admin UI, found under References ->
Physical Resources:
• Materials
• Custom Resources
• Equipment
• Facilities
• Locations.

Enhanced Course Home

The new Course Home experience now supports items with a classification of Other, such as task checklists. In addition, the following features are supported for all applicable item classifications:

  • Jam integration
  • Selection of missing approvers when registering

We also updated behavior for previously released item classifications. For instructor-led training, the class details now display the timezone. For online courses that are launched in a new window, the Refresh after done button no longer displays.

The complete list of supported features by item classification is available on the SAP SuccessFactors Learning Course Home page. A link is provided in the Related Information section at the bottom of this page.

The remaining features required to achieve parity are as follows:

  • Government reporting
  • Users with an external shopping cart
  • Associated competencies
  • Manager view
  • Approval comments when registering for a class

If you don’t use one of those features, the new Course Home experience is considered to have parity.

We’re continuing to add functionality to the new Course Home experience because our customers have asked for an updated user experience.

In the current version, setting enableCourseHomeBlended=true provides the new Course Home experience for external courses, online courses, instructor-led training, courses that are instructor-led with online content (blended), and items with a classification of Other. The enableCourseHome setting is no longer available.

Certificate-Based Authentication for Learning APIs (Inbound mTLS)

In order to support this change the security certificate now displays for Technical Adminstrators on the System Administration  > Security > Adminstrators >  Certificate tab. The certificate information displayed here is only used for SAP Cloud Identity Services API based integrations.

We also added the Learning URL for mTLS communication to the System Administration  > Environment page.

We provided certificate-based authentication to support a more secure method for our API integrations.

Custom Field in User Profile for Alternate Microsoft Azure Email Address

Administrators can now add an alternate Microsoft Azure email address to a custom field in the user profile.

We configured the custom fields in user profiles so they now recognize an alternate Microsoft Azure email address. This enhancement ensures attendance is properly processed for virtual time slots where Microsoft Teams is the vendor.

Configuration Requirements

  • If users have an alternate email address in Microsoft Azure, administrators must provide it in the user profile for Microsoft Teams virtual time slot attendance to be properly processed. You don’t need to provide any additional information if the user’s Microsoft Azure email address matches the one in their SuccessFactors Learning user profile.
  • You can add an alternate Microsoft Azure email address to any unused custom field in the user profile, but you must use the same custom field in every user profile (Learning Administration  Users  Custom Fields). For example, if you designate custom field number 10 for one user’s Microsoft Azure email address, you must also use custom field number 10 for the same purpose in all other user profiles.
  • You need to specify which custom field contains the alternate email address in the VLS configuration for Microsoft Teams (Learning Administration  System Administration  Configuration  VLS Configuration).

Enhanced Qualtrics Feedback Opportunity for Learning Assignment Completion

In addition to the User ID field , the Learning integration now sends data from the following fields to Qualtrics.

In the current version, Intelligent Services Center automatically submits additional data from Learning to Qualtrics that includes fields such as completion status (to indicate whether the learner passed or failed an assignment). It also sends the Learning Item ID, which allows admins to create surveys for specific courses.

Email Survey Settings for Learning

This integration sends email to employees to obtain feedback through a Qualtrics survey when they complete an assignment in SAP SuccessFactors Learning.

Qualtrics Email Feedback for Learning Completion

Configure SAP SuccessFactors Learning and Intelligent Services to send employee information to Qualtrics, so that you can send employees surveys in email to find out how they feel a Learning assignment they just completed.

Creating this integration requires:

  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning.
  • A Qualtrics account that includes a Employee Experience license for Lifecycle projects.
  • Enabling Intelligent Services.
  • Enabling Integration Service Registration Center.

You use your Qualtrics account to create surveys and view their results. All the settings to configure the contents and schedule for the email survey are performed in Qualtrics.

To add Qualtrics feedback opportunities, enable and integrate Qualtrics with your SAP SuccessFactors system. Refer to Integrating SAP SuccessFactors with Qualtrics for details.

New minor & major updates in Universal Configuration Type

SuccessFactors Platform Token Server Support for Public Learning APIs

Learning-only users authenticated by Identity Authentication can now use the SuccessFactors platform token server to validate authentication for public APIs.

This enhancement improves API support by enabling user migration from the SuccessFactors Learning token server to the platform token server.

Requesting an Access Token

With a SAML assertion, you can now call API /oauth/token to request an access token for authentication with the API server.

If both instance-level and user-level IP restrictions are set, a user can access these APIs if either condition is met.

The API returns the token type, expiration time in seconds, and the token value you can use to authorize API requests. An access token expires in 24 hours after it’s generated.

Automatic Updates for Learning Assignments and Approvals on the Latest Home Page

Whenever you change the successFactorsLearningEnabled, baseURL, or successFactorsCompanyID settings in the BizX Configuration file, the system triggers a background job to update the learning assignments and learning approvals cards on the latest home page.

If change the integration, the new data may take up to a few hours to update. The cards are updated when the job is completed.

In the current version, when you change the integration, a background job runs automatically to display learning assignments and learning approvals on the latest home page.

Global User ID Display on User Details Page

To have the Global User ID display on the User Details page you need to select the System Administration  Configuration  Entity Configuration  Select Entity  User  Global User ID checkbox on the Entity Configuration page. This field displays on the User Details page as read-only.

We added the ability to display the Global User ID so you can verify if a user is created in SuccessFactors platform at the same time they are created in Learning.

Learning Integration Status Confirmation

  • Learning and platform systems are on the same data center. The only exceptions are when the platform tenant is in DC04 and the Learning tenant is in DC08, or when the Learning tenant is a validated tenant.
  • The existing configuration values on the System AdministrationConfigurationSystem ConfigurationBIZX page are valid.
  • When updating an existing integration, SuccessFactors platform Provisioning has Enable SuccessFactors Learning integration available.

We streamlined the application for clearer usability by enabling you to update the integration configurations in SuccessFactors Learning.

Configuration Requirements

Enable SuccessFactors Learning integration in Provisioning should be enabled only after updating the integration from the Learning Administrator. We added this guardrail to ensure that a currently enabled integration in SuccessFactors platform is not inadvertently changed.

Learning Assessments for Content Packages

You can now select an assessment in the Exam field on the Content  Content Packages  Content Tab  Edit page. This replaces the legacy exam functionality for content packages that was previously removed. Previous legacy exam associations are preserved, and can be used as a point of reference for new assessment associations.

In SAP SuccessFactors Learning, an assessment is a generic term for measuring users’ understanding or mastery of content. We offer different kinds of assessments for different purposes. When you choose the right assessment, you can do a better job of measuring users’ mastery while doing less work to manage the assessment.

Using Quiz Assessments to Easily Create a Simple Test of Users’ Knowledge

Features of quizzes:

  • Multiple question types:
    • True/False
    • Multiple choice – Single Answer and Multiple Answer
    • Drag and drop ordering
    • Fill in the blank (free text)
  • Translation support with ability for users to take a quiz in their language of preference
  • Import/Export of quizzes and quiz questions
  • Feedback to users based on correct/incorrect responses to questions
  • Pretest and post-test messages for test takers
  • Reporting on quiz results and usage

Using Exam Assessments to Create Powerful Tests of Users’ Knowledge

Features of Exams:

  • Exams have all quiz features in terms of support for question types, images, translations, feedback, pretest and posttest messages.
  • Exam questions are shared among exams. If you create a question in the question library, it can be used in any exam in your system; conversely, exam questions automatically become part of the question library, allowing for centralized question management.
  • Questions have revisions to keep up with changing standards. For example, if a governing body changes regulations and you need to keep up with the change, you can revise the question to keep pace. We support reporting at the version level.
  • Question variants test the same knowledge in different ways from user to user (to prevent cheating) or in repeated exam attempts by the same user (to eliminate guessing and ensure learning effectiveness). For example, a question can be asked with a true/false question or with a fill in the blank question.
  • Objective pools enable testing for specific learning objectives and analyzing learning effectiveness (Kirkpatrick Level 2 Evaluations). For example, you might want to test financial regulations as a whole, but you might also want to know how well users met an ethics objective. This feature, along with variants, enhances the randomization capabilities of exams.

To Learn More

Overall there are 17 items being changed or enhanced in this release for LMS and we didn’t cover every detail here.  For more information, What’s New Viewer here.

Do you need help managing your SuccessFactors Release cycles?  Email info@worklogix.com or download our support services brochure to see how we can help!

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