What’s New for Recruiting in H2 2021

As of October 9, 2021, SAP has released their documentation for the H2 2020 release.  In this article we take a quick look at the latest updates for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. Preview release is October 15 and production is November 19.  You can view the full set of documentation in the What’s New Viewer here. For full details on the release cycle, check out the SAP SuccessFactors official product updates blog here. Let’s get started! We’ve categorized the enhancements below for you starting with what is deprecated with this release.

Deprecation of Data Privacy Consent Statement 1.0

Data Privacy Consent Statement 1.0 will reach End of Maintenance on November 19, 2021 and will be deleted on May 20, 2022.

You must replace the Data Privacy Consent Statement 1.0 with Data Privacy Consent Statement 2.0 to avoid confusion because of parallel or competing features.

To migrate to Data Privacy Consent Statement 2.0, see Migrating from DPCS 1.0 to DPCS 2.0.

Deprecation of Marketing Central in Recruiting

Marketing Central reached end of development and end of maintence on November 20, 2020 and will be deleted on November 19,2021.

Deprecation Details

The deprecation of Marketing Central includes the end of the ability to post jobs using eQuest, Solique, Broadbean, and a version of Recruiting Posting that was accessible from Marketing Central. The Market Job link that was available on the action menu of the selected job requisition is now called Campaign URL Builder.

Deprecation of Job Classification Data Usage from Foundation Objects

Recruiting will no longer refer to Job Classification data from Foundation Objects.

Deprecation Details

Recruiting will now utilize Job Classification data only from Generic Objects. This deprecation will only impact the customers who hadn’t migrated to Generic Objects in the previous releases. The following pages, which were used only for supporting Job Classification Foundation Objects are removed:

  • Job Code Export page in Admin Center.
  • Migrate Job Code Related Picklist page in Provisioning  Company Settings  Manage Recruiting.

Deprecation of Requisition Reports

The Requisition Reports will reach the end of maintenance on November 19, 2021, and will be deleted on May 20, 2022

Deprecation Details

To avoid identical or competing features, SAP SuccessFactors plan to delete Requisition Reports by consolidating reporting capabilities through the Table Reports or Stories in People Analytics. Unlike the Requisition Reports, which can report on job requisitions alone, the Table Reports or Stories in People Analytics allows you to report across job requisitions, applications, candidates, offers, and other recruiting data. Additionally, you can configure the field-level permissions using the Table Reports or Stories in People Analytics, thus making the reports more secure. Therefore, SAP SuccessFactors is deprecating the Reports tab from the View Reports page:

The Report tab will be removed from the View Reports section.

Support for Country/Region Generic Object in Recruiting

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting customers must now maintain country/region data in the Country/Region Generic Object. The country/region data is used in the backend processing of the two or three letter country codes in the ISO codes list. There is no UI impact for this feature.

  • For existing customers,
    • If you haven’t maintained the country/region data in the Country/Region Generic Object, the data is auto-populated.
    • If you’ve maintained some or all the country/region information, we aren’t going to add or update any entries. You have to manually add the missing country codes to your instance from the Manage Data page in Admin Center.
  • For new customers, the country/region data is auto-populated in the Country/Region Generic Object. The data is populated only when the Recruiting , Role-Based Permission, and Enable Generic Objects options are collectively enabled.

Addition of Time Zone Resilient Date Fields

A new version of some date fields (columns) for Table, Tile, Canvas, and Story reports is available, suffixed with either (Timestamp) or (Date).The suffix in the new fields indicates that the fields are resilient to time zone changes. The fields suffixed with (Timestamp) display a transaction date as per the tenant preferred timezone (or as per the logged in user’s timezone), whereas the fields suffixed with (Date) are independent of time zone and always display the same values. To know more about tenant preferred time zone, refer to the Tenant Preferred Time Zone Available in Admin Center topic.

SAP recommends that the older date columns in your Table, Tile, Canvas, and Story reports be replaced with their newer version, which are time zone resilient. Additionally, you must use only the newer version of the date fields in all your future reports.

Tenant Preferred Time Zone Available in Admin Center

Tenant preferred time zone is the server time zone before servers are migrated to the UTC time zone. You can access it in Admin Center  Company Settings  Platform Feature Settings.Different time zones are used in the system to present date and time information based on business scenarios, including logged in user time zone, browser time zone, tenant preferred time zone, and UTC time zone. In places where server time zone was used, tenant preferred time zone is now used to keep the date and time information unchanged after the server migrates to UTC. However, there are occurrences of date and time information in the system where the behavior changes after the tenant preferred time zone is introduced.

This enhancement is available in the following recruiting area:

  • Posting start and end date in Job Req Audit trail
  • Posted on date on career page
  • Posted date on job listing page
  • Status Date and Date Applied fields in the Jobs Applied page for External Career Site
  • Created date and Last modified date for job req status audit and Job requisition.

Career Site Builder Functions Viewer

The Functions Viewer in Career Site Builder lets you see existing functions that may be in your implementation, and delete them. The functions transform strings in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting job posting data before they’re forwarded to your career site.

By transforming strings, functions address things such as misconfigurations or style changes. If the Functions Viewer page is blank, this means that your implementation partner didn’t create any functions for your career site in the legacy Command Center.

This enhancement now gives the ability to the Career Site Builder administrators access to view all functions for the career site.

A screen image of the Functions Viewer shows examples of functions that transform strings. One example shows an original string of "St. Paul" with a replacement string of "Saint Paul".

These functions continue to replace misconfigured strings. We created the Functions Viewer so that you could fix the original strings that are coming from the source in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting.

Self-Service Support for Career Site SSL Certificates

Career Site Builder now has a new feature that lets organizations manage their SSL certificates for the public career sites on their production environments, without the need for Product Support assistance.

The SSL Certificates page in Career Site Builder lets organizations generate their own certificate signing requests, and upload and install both initial as well as renewal SSL certificates directly. Beginning on December 1, 2021, Product Support will recommend the use of the SSL Certificates page for organizations that file tickets for SSL certificate requests. Implementation partners can also use this tool to add or renew an SSL certificate for a customer career site through Career Site Builder.

If you use the role-based permissions available within Career Site Builder, you need to enable the “SSL Certificates” permission 

This image is a screenshot of the SSL Certificates page in Career Site Builder.

Updates to Email Reminder for SSL Certificate Renewals

Career Site Builder administrators get email reminders automatically 90 days before a certificate expires. The content of the email also refers to the new SSL Certificates feature.

Related Information

Setting Up Email Reminders About Expiring SSL Certificates

New Job Boards in the Job Board Market Place

If you are currently using job board or planning to in the future. Here are additional job boards in the Job Board Market Place that you can link to the Recruiting Posting interfaces:

  • Careers.Vic – Australia
  • Get on board – Australia
  • Jobs and Skills Exchange – Australia
  • Aboriginal job board – Canada
  • Careermine – Canada
  • Jobsdb.hk – Hong Kong
  • OLX.pl – Poland
  • Jobfindah – United Sates of America
  • Direct Employers – United States of America

Related Information

Adding and Configuring Job Boards from the Job Board Market Place

See this great article for useful information on how to prepare for a SAP SuccessFactors Regular Release.

Contact info@worklogix.com for any assistance supporting and implementing your SAP SuccessFactors Modules, or download our support services brochure.

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