H1 2021 SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Features

SAP SuccessFactors has some exciting new features for your Compensation Solution. They can be found in detail here (S-User ID required).  Filter on Solutions for Compensation to review all of the latest changes. Under the Description for each, you can click on ‘See More’ to see screenshots and detailed information.

As a reminder, preview release was April 16th and production will be released May 21st.  

After reviewing all the changes, I narrowed the list down to the Highlights for H1 2021 Compensation:

1. Ability to Configure Force Comments on Compensation Worksheets

  • Previously configuring forcing comments had to occur within the XML, now it can be done within Comp Admin Tools.
  • You can navigate to Design Worksheet – Define Standard Validation Rules to configure this functionality. The Force Comments feature is optional. When configured, you control whether users must enter comments under the following conditions:
    • An employee doesn’t receive a raise. Managers didn’t enter a value in a field configured to force comments.
    • An employee receives a raise. Managers entered a value in a field configured to force comment.
    • An employee receives a raise that is outside guidelines. Managers entered a value that doesn’t comply with guidelines in a field configured with force comments
Force Comments rules can now be configured via Admin Tools

2. Salary Validation Rules Added to Compensation Worksheets

  • Previously configuring Salary Validation Rules had to occur within the XML, now it can be done within Comp Admin Tools.
    • You define rules to compare amounts using either compa-ratio or range penetration benchmarks. Configure what action the system takes when amounts exceed threshold percentages for lump sum amounts or fall below or exceed threshold percentages for merit amounts.
Salary rules can now be configured via Admin Tools

3. Compensation Worksheets Support Five Custom Validations

  • With this release, you can define up to five custom validations for fields in Compensation templates and configure how the system responds when validations fail, with either a warning or an error. The system processes the worksheet only after the error is corrected.
    • Previously, the maximum number of validations per template was three. This is especially helpful if you have complex calculations or are using 1 form for multiple plans.
Example of custom validation. Now users can define up to 5 custom validations.

4. Current and Final Pay Ranges Configurable Through the Compensation Column Designer

  • You can now configure minimum, midpoint, and maximum values for current and final pay ranges through Compensation template’s column designer.
    • Previously, these fields weren’t available in the template configuration. There were two fields (Current Pay Range and Final Pay Range) in the min-mid-max format.
    • With this release, minimum, midpoint, and maximum are available as independent fields.
Separate columns exist now for Salary Range fields

5. Update Lookup Table Formulas and References When Cloning Compensation Templates

  • Now when cloning Compensation templates, you can update lookup tables and references at the same time. A new section has been added to the Copy Plan Templates page, enabling you to view and edit the custom formulas and references from lookup tables on the original template.
    • Previously, you had to manually search through the original template’s XML file, looking for all lookup tables associated with it.
Cloning compensation templates allows for updating lookup tables and references

6. Administrative Permissions for Individual Compensation Templates

  • A new Role-based Permission has been added to assign administrative permissions on a template level.
    • Previously, access had to be granted to all or no templates.
Template access can be granted per individual template

7. Filter Enhancements Added to Compensation Executive Reviews

  • Enhanced filtering was added to Executive Review, new filters include:
    • Filter based on standard or custom reportable columns
    • Filter on compa-ratio and range penetration
    • Filter on Compensation planners
    • Filter based on entry in Comments fields
    • Filter based on promotions
  • To enable enhanced filtering, you must select the Enable Advanced Executive Review Filters option on the Actions for all Plans – Company Settings page.
Enhanced Filter capabilities now exist in Executive Review

8. Compensation and Variable Pay Reports are now available for download in Report Center

  • You can now download the reports from the My Jobs page within View Schedules in Report Center.
    • Previously, report outputs (i.e. Executive Review exports) were available for download on the Scheduled Reports page in classic view. This caused confusion for users on how to get to their reports by having to direct them to Switch to Classic View.
    • You can review my other blog post for more changes to Reporting for this release.
Executive Review export can now be accessed via My Jobs

9. Application of Eligibility Rules for Individual Compensation Worksheets After Launching

  • You can now reapply eligibility rules to a specific Compensation worksheet that you have already launched.
    • In previous releases, you could only reapply eligibility rules to all worksheets.
Eligibility can now be applied to individual worksheet updates

10. Publish Compensation Employees to Employee Central by Import Using CSV File

  • The Publish Selected Employees in Employee Central page has a new option, Import Employees. This allows publishing by importing them from a CSV file
    • Previously, you could publish multiple employees, but you needed to search and select them individually.
Publishing can now be done based on an imported file

Do you need help implementing or supporting your SAP SuccessFactors system?  Contact info@worklogix.com for assistance, download our support services brochure, or visit https://www.worklogix.com/implementation.html for additional information.

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