H2 2020 SAP SuccessFactors – Compensation and Variable Pay Features

SAP SuccessFactors has some exciting new features for your Compensation & Variable Pay Solutions. They can be found in detail here (S-User ID required).  Filter on Solutions for Compensation to review all of the latest changes. Under the Description for each, you can click on ‘See More’ to see screenshots and detailed information.

As a reminder, preview release will be October 16 and production will be released November 20th.  

After reviewing all the changes, we narrowed the list down to the Highlights for H2 2020 Compensation & Variable Pay & Reward and Recognition:

1. New Layouts for Statement Templates

  • Additional flexibility has been added for standard compensation statements
    • The new layouts are available for Compensation, Variable Pay, and Combined statement templates to support right-to-left (RTL) compliance. Previously, Compensation fields were always displayed to the right of text section in statements. This will allow for a more custom look and feel to better suit your needs.
    • The new statement template layout increases usability and improves user experience with Compensation statements. See my earlier blog post for other tips on optimizing standard statements.
After selecting template from SuccessStore, you will now you have the flexibility to display Compensation fields to the right, left, or below the text section of statements.

2. Promotion Planning and Job Selector Within Compensation Template

  • You can now enable promotion planning and job selector functionality at the compensation template level.
    • When you select Enable Promotion Planning, the system displays three parameters related to job selector functionality: Enable Promotion Planning, Editable Job Family, Editable Job Role, and Reloadable Final Job Fields.
End users can Enable Promotion Planning directly in the template instead of the XML

3. Configuration of Calculated Pay Range on the Basis of Post-Promotion Information

  • A new setting has been added to allow you to directly maintain the post promotion fields to be used when calculating the final pay range for a promoted employee. In most cases, the final pay range is based on post-promotion information.
    • Previously this was done only in the XML.
    • Check out this demo SAP provided.
Post Promotion attribute to be used to determine final pay range can be defined in Settings

4. Promotion Data Available in Compensation Report

  • New functionality was created to allow users to create worksheet reports containing promotion-based information for employees. The system exports data from Employee Central for EC-enabled templates and from job selector fields within compensation for worksheets that aren’t EC-enabled.
    • Previously you would have to manually go employee-by-employee through your worksheets to review promotion information, which can be time consuming for large groups of employees.
    • Click here for details on the Role-Based Permissions that are needed for this report.
Promotion report can be found under Admin Center –> Compensation –> select template –> Manage Worksheets

5. Role-Based Permission to Control Import of Executive Review Information

  • You can now use Role-Based Permissions (RBP) to control who can import data into Executive Review. You can allow access to every template or specify individual templates to which the RBP applies.
    • Previously when you enabled compensation excel offline edit, all users with Executive Review access would have seen the Import button.
You can now control who has access to Import into Executive Review and which templates they can do this for

6. Currency Views Availability Field Added to Compensation Plans

  • Users can now select which currency views are available per template.
    • This functionality was previously only available for Variable Pay plans and Total Compensation plans.
Currency Views allow users to toggle between Functional, Planner, or User (Local) Currency

7. Configure Compensation Worksheets to Display Multiple Columns for Collapsed Groups

  • Users can now configure the system to display multiple columns for a collapsed group on a compensation worksheet.
    • This allows greater flexibility when setting up the worksheet and can allow for better look and feel for end users while saving real estate.
In the example above, several columns appear in the collapsed groups instead of just one

8. Compensation Provisioning Settings Available on Company Settings Page

  • You can now configure fields on the Display Settings and Settings pages that you previously needed to set by modifying through the XML file.
    • Enable YouCalc widget on compensation form
    • Enable Compensation Profile
    • Enable Form View in Executive Review
    • Enable Decentralized Administration
Additional company settings added for compensation administrators to access

9. XML Attributes for Compensation Added to Display Settings Page

  • You can now configure fields on the Company Settings page that you previously needed to set by modifying through Provisioning.
    • Default Sorting
    • Employees Per Page (now up to 100 employees per page)
    • Display Format and Color Bar (Compa-Ratio)
Additional settings added for compensation administrators to access

10. Multi-Select Filtering Supported Within Compensation When Publishing Employees in Employee Central

  • You can select multiple filtering reportable fields when using the Publishing Selected Employees in Employee Central functionality.
    • This allows for increases flexibility when publishing data back to EC.
Multiple fields can now be selected to publish by

See this great article for useful information on how to prepare for a SAP SuccessFactors Regular Release.

Do you need help implementing or supporting your SAP SuccessFactors Compensation or Variable Pay system?  Contact info@worklogix.com for assistance, download our support services brochure, or visit https://www.worklogix.com/implementation.html for additional information.

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