SAP SuccessFactors 1H 2023 What’s New in Compensation

SAP SuccessFactors has released new features for your Compensation solution. They can be found in detail here (S-User ID required).  Filter on Solution for Compensation to review all the latest changes. Under the Description for each, you can click on ‘See More’ to see screenshots and detailed information.

Preview release was available on April 28 with the production release scheduled for June 2. For full details on the release cycle, check out the SAP SuccessFactors official product updates blog here.  New to the release process? For tips on how to manage a release, check out our blog here

After reviewing all of the changes in this release, we narrowed the list down to the 1H 2023 SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Top 5 Features:

  • Planner Audit Feature for Compensation Planner
    • Compensation planners can now review field history changes made to compensation, variable pay, and total compensation worksheets.
    • Managers will be able to see changes to enabled fields on their worksheets via the link for Export Change History.
To enable fields for Planner Audit, go to Compensation Home – Template Name – Plan Setup – Design Worksheet
  • Compensation Plan Template Versions
    • Admins can now view the change history including Modified Date and Modified By for Compensation, Variable Pay, and Total Compensation templates.
    • Admins can download previous versions of the templates to assist in troubleshooting issues.
Role based permissions must be set in order to access export template history – Administrator – Manage Compensation and VarPay –  Enable Export of Plan Template Versions
  • Advanced Executive Review Filters Are Now on by Default
    • Users can now select which fields are included in the Executive Review filter. This includes the standard fields of department, division, and location, as well as the 15 custom fields.
    • Filters can be saved and shared with other users.
Actions for all plans – Company Settings – Manage Company Settings – Enable advanced executive review filters is now checked by default
  • Recall Reward Statements When Worksheet Reverts
    • Statements are typically made visible when worksheets are in the Completed step of the route map. This enhancement automatically recalls generated statements when the worksheets are routed back from Completed Status.
    • This ensures that a statement is not viewed when it is not in Completed status as it may have needed to be updated with corrected information.
In order for this functionality to work for Variable Pay, the Include only Completed Variable Pay worksheets setting must be checked
  • Assignment Details in Bonus Payment Detail Report on Executive View
    • The Bonus Payout Detail Report download in the Executive Review now includes assignment level information for individual and team standard fields.
    • Assignment level custom fields are also included in the download.
Bonus Payout Details export now contains assignment level fields

Do you need help implementing or supporting your SAP SuccessFactors system?  Contact for assistance, download our support services brochure, or visit for additional information.

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