SAP SuccessFactors 2H 2022 What’s New in Succession and Career Development

SAP has announced the latest updates and changes for SuccessFactors for the second half of 2022.

Preview release was on October 28 and production will be released December 9th. You can view the full set of documentation in the What’s New Viewer here. For full details on the release cycle, check out the SAP SuccessFactors official product updates blog.

For tips on how to manage a release, check out our blog here

For your convenience, we’ve summarized the highlights of what’s new for 2H 2022 Succession and Career Development below.


On the Succession side of the house, the Succession Org Chart and position tiles received a functional enhancement to now be able to show the Job Title, Job Level, and Department in the header of the position tile. The options to turn these on is in the Org Chart Configuration screen in admin tools.

Enhancements to Calibration

There have been multiple enhancements to calibration sessions that impact Performance as well as Succession and Development. Specifically, you can now remove subjects from all calibration sessions where before you could only remove from inactive or setup statuses.

Additionally, there’s been enhancements to the enforcement of distribution guidelines so that more guidelines enforcement scenarios are supported when more than one session is finalized at a time. Specifically, you can now include more than one rating in the guideline, you can use operators other than “=”, and not all ratings may have a guideline. Before, these were only supported when you finalized sessions individually.


Multiple new options are available in reporting on the Succession and development modules as well. The Career Worksheet is now available in Story Reports.

Mentoring data is also available now for Story Reports and Cross Domain Table Reports. This can be helpful for example if you wanted to cross domains of employee profile with mentoring to see which departments have mentors and mentees and which do not.

Career Development

SAP continues to catch up the old features of the old development module with the new look and feel.

Development Goals

For example, you can now copy goals from an old plan again. The comments feature is also now available in the latest goal management on the goal details page. In addition to Development Goals, this feature is also available for performance and 360 forms. To use this, you must add the comments field in the XML.

Career Worksheet and Career Explorer

The Career Worksheet now visually shows the gaps between target and actual competency levels for a role.

The career explorer is also generally available now with AI powered recommendations. It provides a hierarchy career path that allows for recommendations the employee may not have thought of pursuing based on career moves of people similar to them and/or roles from outside their hierarchy. The feature can also be a data source for the new opportunity marketplace.

You can also see why the system made such recommendations:


You can now add Country/Region as a matching category criteria for mentors and mentees. This option comes available so long as you have the country/region standard field setup in your data model.

Wrap Up

We have now covered the highlights of the Succession and Career Development related updates for 2H 2022.

Do you need help managing your SuccessFactors Release cycles?  Download our support services brochure or email to see how we can help!

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