SAP SuccessFactors 1H 2022 What’s New in Succession and Career Development

SAP has announced the latest updates and changes for SuccessFactors for the first half of 2022.

Preview release was on April 15 and production will be released May 20. You can view the full set of documentation in the What’s New Viewer here. For full details on the release cycle, check out the SAP SuccessFactors official product updates blog.

For tips on how to manage a release, check out our blog here

For your convenience, we’ve summarized the highlights of what’s new for 1H 2022 Succession and Career Development below.

Career Development

General Availability – Universal Updates

Use Capability Picker in Job Profile Builder, Performance & Goals, and Succession & Development

Users can now use the Capability Picker to add competencies in Job Profile Builder, Performance & Goals, and Succession & Development.

Capability Picker replaces New Competency Picker, with a new UI that includes employees’ competencies, behaviors, and skills within an organization.

Career Development

Users can use the Capability Picker to add competencies to development goals in the latest Goal Management.

The latest Goal Management must be be enabled and development goal plan XML the show-competency-browser switch is configured.

Succession Planning

Capability Picker can be used to select competencies by competency libraries or job roles and search for competencies using keywords.

Job Profile Builder must be enabled.

In the Talent Search Settings in Admin Center, select Enable Capability Picker.

Here is an example of Capability Picker with a search box and a hierarchy structure of capabilities.

Adding Capabilites

New Actions Available in Action Search

Additional Mentoring, Development Goals, and Career Worksheet actions are now available in the global search box.

Users can enter the text of an action or select from suggested actions to get to the selected product page.

  • Sign up for mentoring programs
  • Review and update mentoring activities
  • Update status of development goals
  • Add learning activities to development goals
  • Delete development goals
  • Search for target roles in Career Worksheet
  • Launch role readiness assessment in Career Worksheet
  • Create development goals in Career Worksheet
  • Add learning activities in Career Worksheet

These new actions take users directly to product pages.

Action Searches

0% Expected Rating Now as the Lowest Rating in Career Worksheet

If a competency’s expected rating is set as 0% in Manage Job Profile Content, the expected rating now appears as the lowest rating in the rating gap chart in Career Worksheet.

Previously if no expected rating was set, “N/A” would display as seen below.

Prior Version with N/A Expected Rating

With the latest release, it is now possible to differentiate between “N/A” and 0% expected rating.

New Zero Expected Rating

Job Profile Builder must be enabled.

Enhanced Permission Control for Viewing Roles and Competencies

Before this release, users could view all the roles and competencies regardless of user permissions in Career Development.

Now users can only view the roles and competencies to which they have permissions in Career Development.

This permission control has been enhanced for viewing job roles and competencies within multiple features in Career Development:

  • Development Goals
  • Career Worksheet
  • Career Path
  • Mentoring

Users within the target population for certain job roles and competencies can view the roles and competencies on Career Development pages.

Job Profile Builder must be enabled.

Permission control is applicable in Development Goals, Career Worksheet, Career Path V2, and Mentoring. More details are explained below.

Development Goals

Creating, editing and viewing development goals in Career Development or People Profile, users can view the competencies based on their permissions. If behaviors are mapped to competencies, the same permission control applies.

Using OData APIs when creating, updating, deleting or querying,development goals, users can create, update, delete or query the competencies that they have permission for.

Career Worksheet

Users can view their current roles and suggested roles that they have permission for.

Browsing or searching for job roles, user can view the job families and roles that they have permission for.

Viewing the career path of current or target roles, users can view the job roles to which they have permissions.

Users can view all competencies and behaviors (if configured) of the current and target roles in the gap analysis charts based on their permissions.

When creating development goals for competencies, users can view the competencies in the goal creation dialog box based on their permissions.

Users can add learning activities to the competencies based on their permissions.

In Suggested Roles when filtering job roles by competency, users can view and select the competencies to which they have permissions.

Career Path V2

Users can view the job roles to which they have permissions. Administrators can manage the job roles to which they have permissions.


Program participation may be limited by selecting dynamic groups. Upon sign up to a mentoring program, the users within the groups can view and select picklist options only for their group in the signup form.

General Availability – Admin Opt-Ins

Create and Edit Goals in Non-Goal Management Modules

It is now possible to try out the latest Goal Management in non-Goal Management modules:

  • Career Development
  • Succession
  • Performance Management
  • Multi-Rater
  • People Profile
  • Continuous Performance Management

Creating or editing a goal in one of these modules, the user is prompted with a dialog with new UIs offered by the latest Goal Management.

Creating Goal


General Availability – Universal Updates

There are several universal updates for Mentoring.

Cancel Request and End Mentoring on Manage My Opportunities

On the Manage My Opportunities page, users can now cancel the mentoring request that they made directly in Opportunity Marketplace, without navigating to other product pages.

Cancel Mentoring Request

If a mentee is already connected to a mentor it is now possible for them to end the mentoring relationship on their My Opportunities tab.

End Mentoring Relationship

Text Replacement for Mentoring in Opportunity Marketplace

User created customized mentoring text is now available in Opportunity Marketplace.

This includes mentoring, mentoring program, mentor, mentee, including plurals and uppercases at the program level.


Mentor Labels


Customized Labels

Recommended Mentors and Mentoring Programs Available on iOS and Android Mobile Apps

In iOS and Android SAP SuccessFactors Mobile apps, employees may get recommended mentors and mentoring programs in the Connect with People section.

Mentor Details Page in Opportunity Marketplace

Opportunity Marketplace now has a Mentor Details page. Users can perform a variety of tasks such as viewing details of recommended mentors, bookmarking mentors, submitting and canceling mentoring requests, checking mentoring status, and ending mentoring relationships.

Mentor Details Page

Mentoring – Admin Opt-Ins

Qualtrics Feedback Opportunity for Mentoring Program Completion

Intelligent Services events can be used to send employee information to Qualtrics in order to send a Qualtrics feedback survey to all of the mentoring program participants when the program ends.  

Manage Qualtrics Integrations in the Admin Center now includes the Complete a Mentoring Program option in the Event Name field’s drop-down list for Talent.

To use this feature requires a Qualtrics Employee Experience license so that you can create Lifecycle projects. You also need to integrate SAP SuccessFactors with Qualtrics, and enable Intelligent Services and Integration Center.


Enhanced Permission Control for Searching Positions by Roles and Families

In the previous version, you could access all the job families and roles regardless of permissions.

In the current version, you can only view the job families and roles to which you have permission when browsing positions.

Browsing job roles to find the position to nominate a successor to will be limited to the job families and roles that the user has permissions for.

The permission control applies to the following scenarios:

  • Opening a nomination dialogue through the nomination section in Succession Talent Cards.
  • Opening a nomination dialogue through the nomination block in People Profile.

Job Profile Builder must be enabled.

Wrap Up

We have now covered the highlights of the Career Development and Succession related updates for 1H 2022. See our blog for 1H 2022 PM release features.

Do you need help managing your SuccessFactors Release cycles?  Download our support services brochure or email to see how we can help!

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