H2 2021 SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Features

SAP SuccessFactors has released new features for your overall Compensation solution. They can be found in detail here (S-User ID required).  Filter on Solutions for Compensation to review all the latest changes. Under the Description for each, you can click on ‘See More’ to see screenshots and detailed information.

As a reminder, preview release was on October 15 and production will be released November 19.  For full details on the release cycle, check out the SAP SuccessFactors official product updates blog here.  New to the release process? For tips on how to manage a release, check out our blog here

After reviewing all the changes, I narrowed the list down to the Highlights for H2 2021 Compensation:

1. Create Benchmarking Ranges and Color Values for Compensation Plans Using Display Settings

  • Compensation administrators can now update benchmark ranges and color settings for Compa-Ratio and Range Penetration in the compensation plan template under Display Settings.
  • Previously this was done in XML.
Additional settings have been added to allow Compensation Administrators to make changes via configuration

2. Enhanced Default Sorting by Employee Name for Compensation Plan Worksheets

  • There is now a new setting for sorting of employee names by First Name or Last Name as well as by Ascending or Descending order.
  • This allows end users to be able to find employees more easily.
Additional settings have been added to enhance usability

3. Enhanced Ability to Add Newly Eligible Employees to Compensation Worksheets

  • Users can now update settings to add eligible employees, not just new hires, to worksheets for a compensation plan.
  • These selections must be made on both the Update all worksheets settings and the Update a specific worksheet settings.
Both checkboxes should be selected for updating new hires as well as those newly eligible

4. Guidelines Using Entered or Calculated Values for Compensation Planning

  • Calculated or editable fields defined in the Design Worksheet can now be used as attributes for Guideline tables in Compensation, Variable Pay, and Total Compensation Plan templates.
  • This is very helpful for when customers have specific guidelines they wish to use that would have otherwise been difficult to incorporate via a workaround.
Custom columns can be created and then used as part of guideline configuration

5. Show Compensation Recommendations Outside of Guidelines or Salary Range by Using a Filter in Executive Review

  • Compensation planners can create a filter showing employees with compensation recommendations that are outside of guidelines or salary ranges.
  • This is now a standard option that doesn’t require any additional configuration.
Filter can be set to show all employees, show only employees within guidelines, or show only employees outside of guidelines

6. Improved Collaboration for Planners in Updating Worksheets

  • Save & Close button was added to allow easier collaboration for planners updating the same worksheet.
  • In the previous version, although a planner chose Save to save the updates made to the worksheet, the worksheet remained inaccessible to the other planners until the current planner exited the worksheet. 
Save & Close button has been added to allow less restrictions for multiple planners on same worksheet

7. Define Population Views Using Manage Advanced Executive Review Filters

  • Compensation Administrators can now turn off Executive Review filters that are not relevant to their company.
  • Some of these additional filters were confusing to end users as they were not being used.
Filters can now be turned off via Company Settings – Manage Advanced Executive Review Filters

8. Enabling Bulk Print Feature in Specific Compensation Plans for Executive Review

  • Compensation Administrators can now set Enable Bulk Print in Executive Review from Plan Setup in the Settings page.
  • This change allows for plan specific control over bulk printing.
Enable Bulk Print in Executive Review checkbox is now found under plan specific Settings – General Settings

9. Integration of My Jobs Window for Bulk Print Statements in Executive Review

  • Users can now view the status and download Bulk Print statements from the My Jobs window that is now integrated with the Executive Review page.
  • Choosing Check print job status from this window redirects you to the Reporting – Report Center – View Schedules – My Jobs page.
Users now have an easier time navigating and find statements that were bulk printed

10. Publish Report for Detailed Logs on Compensation Publish to Employee Central

  • Compensation Administrators can now create a detailed report of the publishing status logs for employees and identify the issues during the publishing process for a given template. 
  • The report is available in the Complete Compensation Cycle – Publish Data – Employee Central Publish Report area of the compensation plan. 
To view report, Administrator – Manage Compensation – View Employee Central Publish Report permission has to be set in role-based permissions

Do you need help implementing or supporting your SAP SuccessFactors system?  Contact info@worklogix.com for assistance, download our support services brochure, or visit https://www.worklogix.com/implementation.html for additional information.

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