H2 2020 SAP SuccessFactors Release Latest Goal Management Features and Integration

SAP SuccessFactors H2 2020 release updates finds us with several admin-opt “latest” versions including Home page, Goal Management and Continuous Performance Management (CPM). Here we will focus on the latest version of Goal Management and discuss how it fits into the new home page and how it integrates with CPM. See my earlier blog post for more information on performance management updates and my blog post for what’s new in CPM.

There is a new admin opt-in for the latest version of Goal Management. The latest version of Goal Management provides users with a streamlined view of goals to make it easier to access and manage. Performance Goals and Development Goals are now housed within Goal Management and have improved integration with CPM. Access to Goal Management contains both plans with a tab for each as seen in the example below.

New Goal Management View with Both Goal Plans

For managers, the new look is especially helpful. It is easy to navigate to direct report’s plans or any other users in their target population. They can swap between between their reports and within the two plans. An example the manager’s goal plan view is seen below.

Manager View of Goal Plans

Latest Goal Plan Features

The latest version of Goal Management still allows for the following existing functionality:

  • Creation of personal goals.
  • Development goals can have competencies and learning activities added.
  • Receipt of goal notifications.
  • Edit, view, and delete all goals except group goals v1.
  • Access to other’s goal plans with proper role-based permission.
  • Existing integration with other modules.

New functionality includes:

  • Personal goals not yet at the completed stage and approaching or past due date can appear on the latest home page.
  • Linked achievements for the latest version of CPM may be created and viewed here rather than having to go out of the goal plan and navigating to CPM.
  • Activities can be added directly to goals and linked activities may also display. An example of activities tied to a goal is shown below.
Add Activity to Goal

However, only the latest version of Goal Management may be used with the latest version of CPM.

Latest Goal Management Limitations

Since this is a new version for Goal Management, there is some goal plan functionality not yet available including:

  • Mass import of goals.
  • Ability to cascade and assign goals.
  • Use of Group and Team Goals.
  • Changing goal plan states within goal plan.
  • Use of metric lookup tables.
  • Use of Coaching Advisor for development goals.
  • Assigning custom learning activities to development goals.
  • OData APIs.
  • Some mobile features which will be identified shortly.

Attributes that may be Configured

Listed below are the the goal plan XML attributes that may be configured in the latest Goal Management:

  • max-goals
  • max-weight
  • max-weight-per-obj
  • min-goals
  • min-weight
  • min-weight-per-obj
  • new-obj-share-status-public
  • show-total-goalscore

Unsupported Goal Plan Field Types

Additionally, there are some goal plan field types that are not supported:

  • Bool
  • Checkbox
  • Comment
  • Link
  • Table
  • Text when used for achievement text, actual achievement text, object plan field 1, go to url

Changes to Goal Plan Fields with Latest Version of Goal Management

  • Name field is required with a maximum length of 500 characters.
  • Description and metric fields have a maximum 1000 character limit.
  • State. For use on the latest version of the home page, set the final enum value of the state field to “complete” in order to trigger the change of the goal state which enables incomplete goals to appear on the latest home page.
  • When using weight, if min-weight-per-obj and max-weight-per-obj attribute values are not met, goal creation is not possible.
  • For development goals, competencies can only be used in conjunction with Job Profile Builder.
  • Cannot select a single competency to link to a development goal in the UI.

You may convert existing goal plan templates but the goal plan field types that are not supported will not appear in converted goal plans.

After the upgrade, goal plan templates will need to be converted. Convert a template only once and and one at a time. Only convert the goal plans in use. Goal plans not converted will be read-only. Once converted, the goal plan templates may be used in the latest version of Goal Management.

Mobile Apps Limitations

There are some limitations using the latest version of Goal Management in mobile apps. For Performance and Development goals:

  • Cannot delete a goal from the goal card.
  • Cannot enter a negative number in the number field type.
  • Cannot revert back to the legacy view to see unsupported fields.

For Development goals:

  • Unable to search for a specific competency.
  • Unable to display the number of competencies on the goal card.
  • Unable to add competencies by library or category.
  • No integration with Learning.

Latest Goal Plan on latest Home Page

The latest Goal Management may be used in the latest version of the home page. There is a new admin opt-in for the redesigned home page. It is available for early adopters in both Preview and Production. Any existing legacy home page custom tiles or permissions are not impacted by the new page. An example of the new Home page is shown below.

Latest Home Page

The view is less cluttered with customized user and organization content. Tiles are replaced with cards and are system generated and more interactive. The page is divided into three sections:

  1. Quick Actions. For frequent or quick actions.
  2. For You Today. Dynamically generated user content. Displays any recently added goals and CPM activities.
  3. Organization Updates. Contains custom organization content.

The new Home page shows content from Goal Management, Continuous Performance Management, and Continuous Feedback. On the latest home page, you can view personal goals when the state of these goals is not yet complete and these goals are approaching their due dates or already overdue.

The latest version of the home page handles only personal goals in the following manner:

  • Updates of goals on the home page appear on for those manually created, modified or deleted.
  • Goals from an import are not reflected on the home page.
  • Performance goals appear based on status, if not yet complete and 15 days before due date.
  • Development goals appear based on status, if not yet complete and 30 days before due date.
  • Overdue Performance and Development goals will display.
Goals in “For You Today” section

Performance and development goals disappear from the new home page when:

  • Goals are completed.
  • Goals are deleted.
  • Goal due dates are past the due dates configured on the goal plan template.

To-do items list can be opened and acted upon in a side panel on any page. You can take action on each to-do directly from the side panel.Overdue to-do items are indicated in red.

Is the upgrade right for you?

After upgrading to the latest version of Goal Management, you cannot reverse the update, so be sure to fully understand what features you will be gaining and losing. It is wise to fully test in a preview instance before committing to an upgrade to production.

Because there are some substantial limitations to the latest version, it may be premature to upgrade but it is at least worthwhile to anticipate how Goal Management is changing and to gain an better understanding of how modules continue to be more tightly integrated with each release.

Do you need help with your H2 2020 release? Download our support services brochure or email us at info@worklogix.com to see how we can help!

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